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Destination Wedding

Actualizado: 12 abr 2019

A destination wedding can cost less than half as much as a traditional at-home celebration. We can help create your amazing, customized experience and send you home with unique lifetime memories not to mention the great photos to look back of that unforgettable moment.

Welcome to our blog post.

Greicy, Catering Service in Antigua Guatemala

Many couples of different nationalities have chosen for their wedding Antigua guatemala for its art, architectural styles and beauty that make it unique. This colonial city is the perfect place to celebrate this unforgettable moment with your beloved ones. Here you will find some tips for the big day...

1. How big is your guest list?

This is the starting point, the number of guests will determine how big the place should be, in this beautiful city there are many romantic spaces that have capacity for 50 - 600 persons.

2. Indoor or outdoor venue?

Take into account the weather and your comfort when deciding for a garden, monument, or other venue.

1. You found the perfect place. Is it already booked?

This situation is very common and more in Antigua Guatemala, for being one of the most popular destination for weddings, knowing this, we advise you to make your reservation 6 months to 1 year in advance, depending on the popularity and reservation process of each place.

Let us help you with the reservation, and all the other details involved in such a transcendental moment. Contact us and book yours!

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